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Some states require regular safety inspections and/or emissions inspections on cars and trucks. At Joy Automotive, we are well-equipped and trained to perform these inspections. Our technicians can also perform multi-point inspections on your vehicles as needed.

Inspections And Emissions

When looking for a new car, you might not think about how important it is to ensure the vehicle has been inspected and emissions tested.

But inspections and emissions testing are crucial—for several reasons.

First, they can help you avoid buying a car with serious problems. For example, if your local inspection station finds that your vehicle needs new brakes or tires—or worse, that it has an engine problem—you’ll be able to avoid the purchase altogether and save yourself some money in the long run.

Second, inspections can help ensure that your car is safe to drive on the road. Even if there are no immediate issues with your vehicle, inspections can still alert you to potential problems. That way, if something goes wrong with your car while driving down the road, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to fix it before it becomes too dangerous for other drivers or yourself!

Finding a dependable inspection and emissions expert who can help you choose the right services for your car is one of the most important decisions you can make for your vehicle.

Inspections and Emissions

Working With An Expert Provides The Results And Peace You Deserve.

An excellent inspection and emissions expert will be honest and effective in their work, and they’ll fix your vehicle’s problem the first time. They’ll also help you understand the issues so you can make informed decisions about how to move forward. And they’ll be available when you need them—not just when it’s convenient for them.

We’re proud to say that at Joy Automotive, we take this responsibility seriously. We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and make sure our customers are happy with us.

When you need an inspection or emissions, your smart choice is Joy Automotive.

If you’re looking for a dependable shop to get your inspections and emissions, look no further than Joy Automotive.

We’ve been serving the community since 1995 and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We know that the cars you drive are where you spend a lot of time, so they must be in great shape. That’s why we specialize in repairs for all vehicles—we’ve got ASE-Certified auto repair technicians who know how to fix any issues your car might have, so you can feel confident about getting back on the road.

Our expert staff will ensure that your car is safe to drive again, and they’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork so that you can focus on getting back out there. We want to ensure you’re comfortable with every part of this process, so if you have any questions or concerns at any time during your visit or after leaving our shop, just let us know!

We’re your go-to shop for all your inspections and emissions needs.

Joy Automotive is committed to ensuring that each of our customers receives top-notch service from the very moment you walk through the doors of our shop. We want you to feel welcome, confident, and satisfied with your experience—and that starts with scheduling an appointment. So schedule one today!

Joy Automotive.
Your Trustworthy Auto Repair Experts in Santa Monica, CA

We know that your vehicle is a precious asset that you want to keep durable for years to come. Our full-service auto repair shop in California offers all the services you need from bumper-to-bumper.

Moreover, both existing and first-time customers in Santa Monica say that we have the best technicians in town – and we agree.

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As noted by some of our satisfied clients:


We know that your vehicle is a precious asset that you want to keep durable for years to come.


We know that your vehicle is a precious asset that you want to keep durable for years to come.


We know that your vehicle is a precious asset that you want to keep durable for years to come.

Your Trusted Auto Repair Experts in Santa Monica, CA

For all your car repair and maintenance needs, do not hesitate to call Joy Automotive Service & Repair.
Our skilled and honest mechanics in Santa Monica are your partners in keeping your
vehicle reliable for years to come.

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