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Preventive Maintenance

The technicians at Joy Automotive have years of experience working on standard 4-wheel drive (4×4) vehicles as well as all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. AWD is a full-time 4-wheel-drive system (all four wheels receive torque from the engine simultaneously) that employs a center differential that allows each tire to rotate at different speeds.

Preventive maintenance is a set of procedures to keep your car running smoothly. It’s essential to keeping your vehicle in good condition and can help you avoid costly repairs down the line.

An essential part of preventive maintenance is routine inspection. If you get into the habit of having your car inspected at least once a year (and preferably twice), you’ll be able to catch minor problems before they become big ones. A mechanic will check everything from fluid levels to tire wear, so if something seems off, they’ll point it out and let you know what needs attention now and what can wait until the next time around.

Keeping up with preventive inspections can help extend the life of your car by years—and save you money in the long run! It’s always better to ensure everything is working properly before there are issues than after: once something goes wrong and starts costing money, it’s hard to recover from that kind of mistake.

When it comes to finding a dependable preventive maintenance expert, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Having your car in good condition is about having a dependable ride and keeping your family safe.

A collision can be devastating, and sometimes, it will leave you with serious injuries. The worst thing that can happen when you are driving is a sudden breakdown, which may cause you to lose control of your car or, even worse, cause an accident.

Finding a dependable preventive maintenance expert who can help you choose the right services for your car is crucial. An expert should be honest and effective in the work they do. They should fix your vehicle’s problem the first time around so that no further damage is done.

If you're looking for an auto repair shop with experience and expertise, look no further than Joy Automotive.

For over two decades, we have provided honest and effective community services. Our ASE-Certified auto repair technicians are experts in every type of vehicle and can handle any job—from oil changes to engine repairs.

We know how important safety is to you, so we take the time to ensure that your car is safe before it leaves our shop. We also offer preventive maintenance to help keep your vehicle running smoothly for miles to come!

Drive further and have more adventures with your car by scheduling an appointment with us today.

We want to ensure you get the best possible service at Joy Automotive. That’s why we offer our customers a variety of ways to schedule appointments.

You can use our online scheduling system, which allows you to pick a date and time that is convenient for you. If you prefer, you can call us at (310) 450-1712. We can also help you schedule an appointment if you walk into our office at 1325 Pico Blvd in Santa Monica.

If you have any questions about scheduling an appointment or anything related to your vehicle maintenance needs, please contact us today!

Joy Automotive.
Your Trustworthy Auto Repair Experts in Santa Monica, CA

We know that your vehicle is a precious asset that you want to keep durable for years to come. Our full-service auto repair shop in California offers all the services you need from bumper-to-bumper.

Moreover, both existing and first-time customers in Santa Monica say that we have the best technicians in town – and we agree.

As noted by some of our satisfied clients:


We know that your vehicle is a precious asset that you want to keep durable for years to come.


We know that your vehicle is a precious asset that you want to keep durable for years to come.


We know that your vehicle is a precious asset that you want to keep durable for years to come.

Your Trusted Auto Repair Experts in Santa Monica, CA

For all your car repair and maintenance needs, do not hesitate to call Joy Automotive Service & Repair.
Our skilled and honest mechanics in Santa Monica are your partners in keeping your
vehicle reliable for years to come.

Please schedule an appointment online or visit our auto repair shop at 1325 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your vehicle stays reliable, and lets you avoid major repairs as well as the expenses that come with them. At Joy Automotive, we provide a complete preventative maintenance program, and carry all the necessary parts and expertise to take care of the little jobs that let you avoid the big ones. Choose from a comprehensive range of the fluids, oils, filters, and belts that your vehicle needs to keep running happily and healthily. Relax while your ride is inspected by our highly-trained technicians, and rest assured that it’ll keep running smoothly for miles and miles.

The first part of our preventative maintenance program deals with your vehicle’s fluids. Your car needs these fluids to keep running smoothly and prevent overheating. Most of our fluid change services are completed quickly so you can get back on the road in Santa Monica, CA. Our technicians are happy to monitor and refill your engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze, power steering and wiper fluids. We also perform checks on your radiator to ensure there are no small leaks caused by stones and other road debris.

The next area of our program deals with the filters in your car. Whether filtering oil, fuel, or air, your car’s engine and drivetrain rely on pure ingredients free from power-robbing particles. Your vehicle’s fuel system, for example, wants only the purest gasoline or diesel. When microscopic particles build up in the system over time they reduce its efficiency and cause issues like decreased gas mileage. The same goes for your engine’s air filter. An engine needs a mix of fuel and air to create combustion, and that can’t happen if your motor can’t breathe. Regularly changing your car’s filters will prevent this from occurring. Joy Automotive will make sure all your car’s filters are flowing smoothly and clear, as well as the often-overlooked cabin air filter which can make a huge difference in how pleasant a car is to be inside.

car maintenance

Tire balancing is an important area of preventative maintenance where we excel. If your car’s tires are out of balance, they could be putting undue strain on components in the suspension, braking, and drivetrain systems, which can cost you greatly further down the road. Ensuring a smooth ride with professionally balanced wheels and tires is a much cheaper, easier, and safer way to make sure your car stays on the road, while ensuring a long life for your tires.

Your car’s timing belts are extremely important to examine during the course of preventative maintenance. There are a number of events that need to take place for one full revolution of your car’s engine. These belts ensure that they all line up with each other, and occur at exactly the right moment. Should the belts become damaged or break, the events can fall out of sync and happen at the wrong time, which can be seriously detrimental to the health of your engine and your car overall. Joy Automotive ensures that all your car’s belts are healthy, and that all of those events keep happening at exactly the right time.

If you want Joy Automotive to make sure that your vehicle is well-equipped to continue transporting you safely for years to come, call us at 310-450-1712, or visit us in Santa Monica, CA so we can schedule a time to take a look at it!

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