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Santa Monica, California, has long been a hub for aviation and aerospace innovation. Nestled at 3100 Airport Ave, this coastal city is home to a hidden gem – the Museum of Flying. While its name has evolved over the years, the museum remains a tribute to aviation history, particularly the legacy of the Douglas Aircraft Company and World War II fighter aircraft. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the intriguing history and exhibits of this remarkable institution.

A Vision Takes Flight

Originally established in 1974 as the Douglas Museum and Library, the museum first took its tentative steps towards reality in 1979, opening its doors at 2800 Airport Avenue. This aviation treasure trove was the brainchild of Donald Douglas Jr., the second President of the Douglas Aircraft Company. The museum’s primary focus was the preservation of artifacts and ephemera from the life and work of Donald Wills Douglas Sr., the Founder and President of the Douglas Aircraft Company.

A Noteworthy Omission

Despite its noble intentions, the original museum collection was missing one vital component – aircraft. While it celebrated the legacy of the Douglas family and their contributions to aviation, the absence of actual planes left an empty space in the narrative. It would take several years and a fortuitous partnership to fill that void.

A New Chapter Takes Flight

In the late 1980s, a pivotal discussion occurred between Donald Douglas Jr. and a local entrepreneur, David G. Price. Together, they forged a vision for the future of the museum. It was decided that a new building would rise on the north side of the Santa Monica Airport to become the new home of the institution, now christened the Museum of Flying.

Wings of World War II

The Museum of Flying’s rebirth in 1989 brought with it not just the original collection but also a fleet of vintage aircraft. The focus now shifted to World War II fighter aircraft, creating an impressive and immersive experience for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

A Place of Commemoration

Over the years, the museum became a venue for various special events and commemorations, honoring aviation and aerospace leaders, renowned test pilots, and even the original Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astronauts. These events celebrated the brave individuals who dared to reach for the skies and beyond. Browse around this site.

Tributes and Celebrations

Among the memorable events hosted at the museum, a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, a Mustang Wings and Wheels event, and a grand 60th-anniversary celebration of the Battle of Britain stand out. These gatherings not only highlighted the significance of aviation history but also honored the people who shaped it.

Turbulence and Resilience

In late 2002, economic hardship temporarily grounded the museum’s soaring ambitions. The search began for a smaller building and a more sustainable location. The board of directors considered multiple possibilities and scenarios over the next few years. In 2008, a new location was secured on the south side of the Santa Monica Airport, just a half-block from the original site.

A Monument to the Sky

Alongside the museum’s relocation, a long-discussed concept took tangible form – the construction of a monument to the iconic Douglas DC-3 aircraft. The DC-3 Monument project commenced in late 2008 and was finally completed and dedicated on the same day the museum signed a lease with the City of Santa Monica, marking a new chapter in its history on March 21, 2009.

A Grand Relaunch

The onset of the new decade in 2010 marked a rejuvenating chapter for the Museum of Flying. It saw the commencement of construction for its new facility, and on February 25, 2012, the doors swung open to the public, unveiling a transformed institution. With a newfound vitality, the museum showcases an extensive collection that comprises original artifacts linked to the Douglas Aircraft Company, a captivating array of exhibits, aviation art, and an impressive fleet of aircraft.

A Diverse Collection of Aviation Marvels

The Museum of Flying is a treasure trove for aviation enthusiasts, with its collection including a diverse range of aircraft from different eras. From a Wright Flyer replica, the aircraft that marked the dawn of powered flight, to the sleek and sophisticated jet-age planes, this museum offers a comprehensive journey through the evolution of aviation.

Notable Exhibits and Aircraft

The Museum of Flying boasts an eclectic mix of notable aircraft, providing visitors with a unique perspective on the history of flight. Some of the frequent display aircraft include:

As you explore the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, you’ll not only encounter these remarkable aircraft but also immerse yourself in the captivating history of aviation, from the early pioneers to the modern marvels that grace our skies today. The museum’s journey from humble beginnings to its current grandeur is a testament to the enduring love and fascination that people have for aviation. It stands as a fitting tribute to the visionaries, pioneers, and heroes who have made flight a reality.