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Engine Oil Replacement: Prevent Engine Damage

Have you ever imagined a human having blood loss, blood too thick that the heart is having a hard time pumping, or a person needing dialysis because blood is impure and contaminated? Engine oil is like blood running inside the car’s engine. This article will further increase your knowledge about your car’s engine oil and the importance of timely engine oil replacement.

Why is Engine Oil Important?

The Engine oil’s primary purpose is to lubricate all parts moving inside the car’s engine, which is in constant motion and causes friction. As the engine oil lessens friction, it also helps regulate heat from the running car engine. 

Fundamentally, the engine oil’s ability to clean is essential. Small deposits build up in the car’s engine and remain within the suspension. They are composed of dust and combustion residue. The residue would clog the engine without the proper quantity and quality of your car’s engine oil and decrease the car’s performance. The engine oil flow carries these impurities to the oil filter, where they are trapped.

Fuel combustion produces corrosive acid that damages metal parts in the car’s engine. The additives are chemical compounds that are added to modern engine oils; corrosion is lessened. Nonetheless, engine oil may oxidize over time and in contact with oxygen and no longer play its corrosion-inhibiting role. That is one of the reasons why engine oil must be changed every six months in a reputable auto repair shop to ensure proper engine oil replacement with the appropriate engine oil used.

Engine Oil Replacement Neglected= Engine Trouble

Engine oil replacement, when neglected, would cause several problems to the car’s engine. As we have discussed before, the engine oil is like the bloodline of the car’s engine. When a vehicle runs dirty and full of engine oil residue, the gucks accumulated in the oil will clog the chambers. Contaminated engine oil parts of the internal car engine would cause friction and lead to overheating of the car. 

Have you ever encountered the experience of the check engine light flashing on your dashboard? This light is one of the indications that there is an engine problem when engine oil replacement is neglected. There will be numerous part replacements if engine oil replacement is not prioritized. Usually, during preventive maintenance, the engine oil is replaced together with the oil filter. To make everything simple and hassle-free, pay attention to your regular engine oil replacements to avoid problems.

Understanding Your Engine's Lubrication

All engine oils have two active components: the additives and the base oil. The usual ratio of additives in motor oil is 3:7, depending on the brand, application, and formulation. These additives enhance, suppress or add properties to the base oil. A typical additive package in engine oil includes a detergent and a dispersant. These two additives helped rid the engine system of deposits caused by fuel burning and contributed to by blow-by gases. Soot is an excellent example of a deposit minimized by detergents and dispersants. Soot particles are enclosed by dispersant particles, forming a micelle and preventing them from attaching to the metal surfaces of the engine. They flow through the oil system until the filter removes them.

The engine lubrication system distributes oil to the moving parts to reduce friction between surfaces. Lubrication plays a vital role in the life expectancy of an automotive engine. What it does is to minimize friction between the two surfaces. An excellent clean engine oil is colored amber. At this point, the oil flows well and lubricates every part of the car’s engine without dirt and debris. The lubrication system and functioning because if the lubricating system fails, the engine will halt performing to its optimum level due to overheating and thus seize very rapidly. 

How does one engine oil fail to perform at its full potential? Over time, the oil’s viscosity reduces. Oil’s viscosity is the measurement of resistance to flow, and it’s no longer a very lubricating oil when it appears to be darker than amber or even colored black. It’s an excellent decision to get your engine oil replaced at this point. When the engine oil becomes dense and causes a restriction to flow suitably within the car’s engine, it increases the chance of premature engine wear. Remember, as a car owner, engine oil replacement is to keep an engine running smoothly and prevent it from overheating, it’s super important that the lubrication system is always doing its job well. If it stops working, the engine could seize up in no time!


To shield your car from the dangers of running with corrosive, dirty engine oil, you can set the alarm on your phone six months after your previous engine oil replacement is due. In this way, you will get your engine oil replacement, but it is up to you if you will stick to the schedule. This auto shop in Santa Monica, CA, provides the best engine oil replacement service. They have different engine oil replacements to choose from. Their mechanics are all ASE Certified and knowledgeable in auto repairs and services like preventive maintenance and tire problems. Check the Joy Automotive Service & Repair website for your engine oil replacement schedule.

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